Support Maria Chong- FSU 3rd Year Graduate Candidate

Maria Chong’s show, Rekindle the Fire is still on view this week at Working Method Contemporary! See it before it’s gone. Please feel free to donate to her Go Fund Me page to support and help her finish here at FSU:

Maria describes her work in Rekindle the Fire in the following way:

Rekindle the Fire is a solo exhibition of the artist’s work during the past three years and the collection of work exemplifies the artist’s deepest passion for the supernatural being and His love for humanity. The level of complexity of our neglect and his ongoing effort to turn our eye sight on Him is evident in artist’s work through abstraction of landscapes and through layering of repeated marks.

In her words, she is “an artist ambassador for Christ, [I] ┬ástrive to express his grandiose infinite love for humanity in my artwork and in my community.”

Mary is truly an inspiration to her artistic community and will be missed when she sets off on her next big adventure- but let’s make sure that’s with her well-earned degree in hand!