Information About Gallery

Working Method Contemporary is the dedicated gallery space for Masters of Fine Art Students at Florida State University. The program is composed of approximately thirty graduate students pursuing a terminal degree in Studio Art. The gallery provides students a space for exhibition, experimentation, and documentation of works created while attending Florida State.

We operate as an alternative, non-traditional space dedicated to showing recent works, as well as collaborations, by students currently enrolled in the program. On select Thursdays the gallery opens a new exhibition for the public to explore. These exhibitions include painting, sculpture, photography, ceramics, video works, installations, and performance art. Working Method Contemporary Gallery also offers a platform for the students to participate in the art world at large. In the past, Working Method showed work from all gallery artists at Fountain Art Fair, which runs concurrently with Art Basel Miami. These two forums for contemporary art are held yearly in greater Miami. Each December, these events draw artists, art galleries, museums, and collectors from all over the globe providing international exposure to all participants.

While the premises is provided to the graduates by the university, Working Method is run by student volunteers, who are responsible for maintenance, publicity, and all other day to day gallery functions. The primary source of support for the gallery comes from donations and fundraising activities initiated by the students themselves.

If you are interested supporting Working Method Contemporary gallery by donations, have questions, comments, or would like to touch base with one of our artists, please contact our gallery: workingmethodcontemporary@gmail.com.


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